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gentle peace

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the kind eyed friend

west 38th

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Born in Japan in 1949 I have been studying art since childhood and majored in art as a high school student. I attended The Fashion Institute of Technology. Later, after a stint as a wife and mother, I returned to education at Trenton State College majoring in art and minoring in art history.

Art has been an integral aspect of my life in every way through various mediums
including oils, acrylics, pastels, watercolors, drawing, photography, jewelry making, sewing, cooking, and almost everything I do. I believe that everyone is an artist in one way or another and that creativity is the basis of the human experience. Seeing people tap into that essential part of their nature brings me great joy.

After college I studied art privately for many years. From 2017 – 2019 I fulfilled the role of Associate Editor and Creative Coordinator of Sacred Stories Media’s Owl Magazine, an online publication, and my column “Artist in Residence” continues to be ongoing.

I am delighted to share my years of acquired artistic experience with others. Alongside my artwork, I developed and teach three courses: Art from the Heart, Acrylics Basics, and What’s On Your Palette?Basic Color Theory for Aspiring Artists. I also teach private online classes in acrylics. Teaching beginners about the various mediums, how to begin dabbling in artmaking, how to make art a way to “play” and interact with the inner child, and how to truly look and see is a great passion of mine. Through my teaching, I aim to cultivate curiosity and exploration.


My artwork reflects ongoing curiosity and discovery and is perpetually evolving as I am attracted to a variety of media. I paint with acrylics, pastels, watercolor, and oils predominantly. I express through realistic portrayals of what I see and feel and am inspired by old and new masters. I also express through abstracts by being attentive to my inner landscape and my intuition for inspiration and direction.


As a person on a conscious spiritual path I know that change is inevitable and that awareness is reflected in my work. I’m an explorer, a seeker, and an experimenter. Since spirituality plays a large part in my art practice, observing the human experience and nature in all of her glory informs my life and my artistic expression. Empathy, compassion, discovery, and discernment are all driving forces that I rely on to direct my journey as an artist and as a human.


My audience is anyone who is drawn to my work. My aim is to elicit an emotional response from those who view my work and my hope is that what I create taps into the viewer’s heart in some way. My goal is to share my heart with the hearts of others through my creative impulse, the result of which is my artwork.

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